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There is a saying in Idia, Those that Walk, Live the Life. Itís meaning is simple, you can not judge the value, validity or choices of someone elseís life, for you are not living it. The pages here are filled with expressions of the life of the Shire, we wish to share our life with you, let you know a little more of who we are and the life we walk.

You may see our life as fanciful, you may even disagree with everything we say. That is your right, the right of everyone, but it doesnít take away from our truth, and these pages speak of that truth. Some pages may even disturb you, but the responsibility of that lies with you and therefore I have no trigger warnings on this site, aside from this one.

We call ourselves the Shire. We are individuals, separate people. We interact with the world through one body. This body isnít our own, we are merely visitors to it. This is our existence as being multiple.

The Tribes Meet the members of the Shire, with short biographies and words from various members.
Multiplicity Our thoughts and opinions on topics associated with our or multiplicity in general.
Honouring Our Truths Our history and the events that shaped us.
Journey to Idia Sharing our other world
Road to Recovery Things we have learnt and are learning as we heal and grow.
Expression of Opinions Our attempt to express our opinions and creativity.
Journal Our personal journal.

*New Pages* I have decided to add an updates page, so when I do new pages for this site I will put links there, so you don't have to keep searching through to find anything new.

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